Follow Me... I'll Blog More, I Promise

The headline is in jest, but "The Autistic Me" is closing in on 1000 followers on Facebook and I
know the Twitter account has some traffic. I've updated the blog design, in another attempt to increase traffic.


Blogging and other forms of writing are what I do currently. The more followers, the more likely we gain some visibility out there. It's not easy to be seen or heard through the clutter and noise of the Internet.

Blogs are trailing other social networks. That's why I need to consider a podcast or video channel. Traffic is survival for a blogger.

Spread the word. Suggest blog topics. Maybe ideas for the revised books I'm hoping to (FINALLY) finish this summer.

This blog is one of the oldest active autism blogs. I'd like to keep it going and still dream of it thriving.

Thank you!


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