Life Plans... Delayed by Life

A spinal nerve with its anterior and posterior...
A spinal nerve with its anterior and posterior roots. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My MFA in Film and Digital Technology was supposed to be finished in December, 2016.

It wasn't.

Instead, I had one infection after another, anemia, emergency room visits, blood and iron transfusions, a pinched spinal nerve, surgery… and more infections. Add in a car accident and family things and life overtook my life plans.

This happens, but I do not like it when a schedule slips. Unfortunately, lots of my scheduled tasks have slipped.

Now, I need to finish my MFA paper and film, a screenplay that's past-due, and several other projects. Plus, I need to find a job after I finish the degree.

When I feel well, I need to work a lot to make up for the time I have lost and will inevitably lose in the future.

The panic caused by being off schedule causes my schedule to slip more, but I'm doing my best not to panic. It's hard for me to not be distracted by the distraction that is life.

And now, back to my paper and planning for the film.


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