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My doctoral committee is meeting next week as I head towards completion of my dissertation in the coming months. The focus of my final dissertation revision is changing slightly to accommodate my new plans in life.

Originally, my focus was on language acquisition, especially written language, among individuals with autism. I adjusted my research to study secondary and post-secondary students with autism and their struggles with written language. Now, I'm going to shift away from that emphasis to focus more on creative writing.

I am fascinated by fMRI images and studies of neurolinguistics. I have immersed myself in the science and theory of linguistics, from neural network theories to combination theories. The brain is an amazing thing. But, it is time to leave such things behind for my own sanity.

My Ph.D is going to be in "Rhetoric, Scientific and Technical Communication," I have added a specialty in general writing pedagogy so I might teach creative writing and other university-level writing courses. I already have an M.A. in "English Composition and Rhetoric," as well as degrees in English education and journalism.

I love science and did earn clearance to teach high school science. I was a "general sciences" major at one time, but ended up wanting to write about science instead of being the researcher. The four units I had remaining for the B.S. should have been completed -- I made a mistake, definitely.

Within six months or so, I should be "professor" and know where I will be teaching and researching next school year.

It is a good change for me. I'll be updating this blog as I meander through the last months of my dissertation and into the job market.

I might research something related to autism and language in a few years, but now is not the time. Instead, I am hoping to delve into theatre, poetry, and other forms of creative expression.

Someone has already said that "people like you" aren't creative. Should be fun proving that wrong.


  1. Not creative?

    You are so right about people's presuppositions.

    I applaud your effort towards your phD. Very impressed!

    I will be happy to be an e-cheerleader when you post and I'm here at blogger.

  2. My family has always been very supportive. This is a time of radical change, with a lot of uncertainty, so it helps to have cheerleaders.


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