Wandering (Literal and Figurative)

I wander. My original destination is not completely forgotten, but I end up taking a circuitous route.

My wife complains that when we go anywhere, there's always the chance I'll wander away the moment I see something of interest. If I have my cell phone, it helps her find me. I am at least a creature of habit.

If there are books, movies, music, or food, those are the places to search for me. I can spend hours in a music store and I love bookstores. In a place like Costco, I head right for the "media" tables. I check every stack of movies, CDs, and all the books to see what's new.

Malls are a real problem -- there are so many things to see. Granted, there aren't as many bookstores and music shops are there used to be, but there is a lot of food. Very cool food, too!

Maybe wandering is just who I am...


  1. I do that too ALL the time. I am positive that I have ADHD.

  2. I definitely get distracted. When I saw "Up!" this summer, I knew I'd be like the dog... "Oh, look, a squirrel!"


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