Tough Weeks

A few weeks ago, I pulled a muscle and the pain has been severe. Vicodin several times a day. Upset stomach. Lots of bed rest because moving was miserable.

I'm finally starting to get back to moving about, with only minor pain in my right hip area, and my eyes decide to start having problems again! The base membrane dystrophy leads to minor tears and "erosions" of the surface epithelial layer. The pain is so bad, I have come close to fainting. To go from one horrendous pain to another is too much for my system.

Feeling lousy leaves me impatient, annoyed, and in no mood for people. I need quiet, calm, relaxing surroundings. It's also important that the room be slightly dim since my eyes hurt so much. I'm normally light sensitive, but in pain I am so sensitive that any light hurts. I have the brightness on my computer down to "one click" above black. I have the volume of audio down to cat's whisper (though our cats are not quiet).

Driving during the day means mixing all the worst things: sunlight, road noise, a painful seat, crowded roads, and so forth.

Running errands is tough. I have to do it, but it is miserable. Mainly, I just want to hide away and let the pain pass. Working means I cannot do that. I have to function. That's life. Learning to push ahead, no matter what, is part of working towards any goals I might have.

My wife has been great during a lousy July and a tough start to August. She's trying to finish her master's degree, with me whimpering in pain constantly. It has to be frustrating.

September has to be much, much better.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that. I pulled my back this week and became one with my heating pad. I also visited a Naprapath who gave me a an adjustment.

    Hope this finds you feeling a little better.

    Kudos to your wife for pursuing her education!

  2. We both pushed through the school year. We have a "master plan" and are trying to adhere to it, no matter what.


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