Computers and Conferences

The ASA has said they want presenters to upload files as PowerPoint slides, asking that their laptops and equipment be used at the Dallas conference this summer.

Am I the only person most comfortable using my computer, with my keyboard quick keys and usability settings? (I see 20/400, so I magnify the Mac screen and have shortcuts for routine tasks coded in AppleScript and Automator.)

My computer has a name. I know, it's silly, but my computers are named for specific cartoon characters. The server and printers are also named. I think of tasks in these terms.

In a public space, I rely on the security of the familiar. Even when I speak to hundreds of people at a conference, I drag Wakko along. He's tweaked for my use. Maybe it's too weird. I can even tell the difference between Mac keyboards, since keys "travel" and "bounce" differently.

I like my computer. I don't like using other systems. I hate it. I also write on a specific type of paper, with a specific brand of mechanical pencil.

Oh, well.


  1. Many moms have said this but I feel like I must be on the spectrum too.

    You are familiar with your own system and its quirks. It's hard to use someone else's computer. It's not just you.

    Hope your conference went well.

  2. The ASA conference is in July, but I have two other conferences in April. I accept invitations too easily, I suppose.


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