Hope vs. Action

I was watching a television spot that included the line, "She still has hope an employer will call."

Hope is passive. It should never be the only approach to a problem. Hope is not a strategy.

I understand the role of hope and optimism. Every time I send a portfolio to a potential employer, I hope it is read. I hope the institution contacts me for an interview. You do need hope to keep on the job market. You also have to believe, or better yet know, that you are the ideal candidate for a company or organization.

But, planning and effort are necessary, too. Not merely on the job market, but in any pursuit.

I sent out two portfolios this week. That's in addition to three dozen previous packets, some with 50 pages of content. And there will be more sent over the coming months.

The same is true of writing. You send dozens of manuscripts out and know that you can never stop submitting works. Yes, you hope to be published, but if you aren't sending out works there's no way to take advantage of opportunities.

Sitting around thinking you're good enough or even gifted enough to "deserve" success is pointless. Do something. Prove through effort that you will make the most of circumstances.

I am not going to sit around waiting to be discovered. I'll make sure employers and publishers know I'm serious about success.


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