Junk Mail

I am somehow on a "Generation Rescue" mailing list. I have no idea how this happened, but it means I am learning just want the snake oil industry is pitching to parents:
Children's Liver Restorative Kit
The foundation for any detox program is the body's hardest working organ - the liver.
The Kid's Liver Restorative Kit opens detox pathways.
Benefits include a decrease in aggressive, explosive anger and more appropriate social interactions.
2 month supply for average child.
$99 with Discount for Generation Rescue parents (Savings of $28)
Wow, you save $28 on a magical cure for aggressive behavior. Improved social interaction, too! What a deal!

I'm receiving offers like this once or twice a week, now. One offered a hyperbaric chamber for only $5000. Another great bargain. Sorry, but for half that price I can get the hot tub I've always wanted.
Yes, I find this all quite disturbing. Then again, I do like nice heavy comforters in the winter and Generation Rescue has a great deal on something called a weighted quilt. I saw weighted teddy bears at a conference and loved how adorable they were. But, I don't think they'd "cure" me of being me.

Can't wait for next week's special online offers. Some definitely make me laugh, others make me want to cry. At least I'm learning what it out there.


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