Places Causing Stress

There are places that leave me anxious and stressed for days or even weeks. I can't explain it, but some settings leave me unable to gather my thoughts, senses, or emotions. I remain on "overload" and miserable until something several times more comforting can offset the anxiety.

The main university campus makes me sick. Literally. I hate the campus and everything it represents to me. One visit of a few hours leaves me unable to focus and function properly for at least three days, and usually more.

While the university is the most extreme example of a place making me sick, there are also businesses I can't enter or support. The nearby Target store is one I will not visit. It's a disgusting place with horrible employees. Maybe that will change, but I'm not going to go back to a store just to find out if they've mopped the floors. (I've noticed two stores in the same chain can be opposites. I love the Walmart in a nearby suburb, while the urban Walmart is a dump rivaling the Target.)

Some restaurants are on my "can't visit" list. Dirty dishes are the primary cause. You can't wash plates or flatware? I'm not coming back. If I have to beg for water or a tea refill, I'm not coming back. A filthy kitchen? Unclean bathrooms? I'm gone as a customer.

The university bothers me because the location is noisy, dirty, and disgusting. Add to this what I considered mediocre service, poor support, and horrific experiences with some people, there's no reason to like the place. You pay for services at a university, even if they don't like to consider it a business. It was a bad business I don't wish to support.

There are good employees at bad businesses, but that's not enough. If anything, it is a shame that great people at the university are so overshadowed in my mind by the bad experiences.

I do all I can to avoid the university and refuse to support it in any way. It needs substantial changes. Even then, I can't erase the negatives from my memories.


  1. Hello there. I've given an award to your blog. Hope that is OK. See my blog for details.

  2. This actually reminds me of my son.

    I would love you to do a blog on what calms you.


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