Christmas Thoughts

To all our readers, we wish you all the best this Christmas.

We've had a quiet week and plan to have a quiet, relaxing Christmas Day at home with our little furry kids. I like simple Christmases, which are what we have had for several years now.

Living 2538 miles from "home" (according to Google Maps) means we don't have family gatherings to attend. There's no pressure to make the rounds from house to house. While I love my family, it's nice to have no pressure on us to be everywhere and see everyone over the two days of Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Also, we don't do parties or big social events. We attended one small gathering, and that was it. It wasn't easy for me, but it was at the home of two friends to whom we owe much. It was a nice gathering, with nice people. Plus, it was quiet. I like quiet.

We did make a few trips to local stores, a nearby mall, and into Ohio briefly for some craft supplies and other errands. The mall was surprisingly nice, with crowds but not so many people you couldn't move or shop in comfort. We even ate dinner on Tuesday at the mall and half the restaurant was dark.

There's no snow on the ground (a huge plus, to me), but a little fog and misting rain. The weather this week reminds me of home, too.

We watched movies tonight, Christmas Eve, and had our traditional Tex-Mex dinner of enchiladas, rice, and beans. It was perfect.

It's wonderful to spend some quiet time with my wife and our kids. That is the perfect holiday.


  1. That sounds very nice.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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