End of Semester Rush

I created a schedule for myself — technically my wife created it with/for me — so I would post to each of the blogs I either author or co-author on a weekly basis. But, this is that crunch time known as "finals" at universities. It's also the holiday season and several other things all at once.

I've read that everyone gets a bit stressed at the end of the year. We have Christmas, New Years, family gatherings, and there's the simple reflection on another year passing us by. The years seem to race on by as you get a bit older, too.

The schedule means I might not get the blogs updated as often as readers might enjoy. For that, I do apologize. It's nice to know people recognized I was offline here and elsewhere (Twitter, Facebook).

Grading will be a frenzy this coming weekend, so I might still be offline much of the time. I am hoping that after a year or two in the new post and in a new region I'll have adopted a better routine.

Also, someone asked me why I don't write with the same dry wit I exhibit when speaking. I've mentioned before that I don't try to have any wit — I merely state things as I see them.

It does make sense to try to be a bit more "entertaining" in the coming year. Maybe that's a "Resolution" to write more and about more topics.

For now, I just wanted to leave a note letting readers know I'm here and working. Lots of working happening.


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