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I saw this graphic on Facebook yesterday, and wanted to share it. I have included similar information on this blog and in my other writings. Trying to socialize is exhausting.

While it might be more difficult for someone with a variation of autism to socialize, I have written that I believe others feel the same exhaustion from our society's insistence on being charming and at ease in groups. Workplaces are socially trying for many individuals, but significantly more trying for many autistics.

My wife is an introvert, and so am I. We both work from home most of the time, which is ideal for us. I do try to be more social because I realize that's how our society works. We have friends who are extroverts and they do navigate workplaces (and life in general) with greater ease. 

I'm conflicted by this. I want to be left alone, but I want to have success in whatever field I am pursuing. As a writer, social skills are necessary to promote books and yourself. As a professor, you need to attend conferences and pursue publication of research — two tasks that require social skills. Even as a computer programmer and web developer, you likely need to work with clients unless you have a partner skilled at customer relations. 

I push myself to try to be social… and the results are often more disastrous than if I allowed myself to be a "hermit" to avoid conflicts and exhaustion. 


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