Return to Normalcy (sort of)

In two hours, I'll be leaving to the airport to retrieve my wife. I missed her for the last week while she's been visiting family in California. I also miss California, so while missing her I was remembering the places back home — Los Angeles, Monterey, Sequoia, and so many more. Then there were the memories of food. Yes, food. Mexican food isn't the same in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Minnesota. (Though, parts of Ohio look promising.)

The cats have been clingy while I'm alone. It wasn't quite as bad as when we first moved, but pretty close. Then again, Alex and Mutt are clingy most of the time now. Old age stinks. I believe they miss the rest of the pack — especially Mimi and Jordan. With the return to a routine, maybe the cats won't cry so much. Even sitting with them, it was obvious they wanted Mama, not Papa.

Misty Kitty has taken to sitting on a little folding "TV tray" stand next to my chair in the living room. It's adorable.

I hope to be much more productive starting tomorrow. Then again, I can't be angry at cats demanding attention.


  1. Chris, I think your cats want both of you there.

    I haven't been here on blogger in a while. It's good to "catch up" with you.

  2. Cats don't like change. Like my son, they want everyone they love at home with them.

  3. Cats are great friends. Misty Kitty has a "puppy-like" character. She follows us around, begs for treats, and can't wait for someone to sit with her on the floor and wrestle.


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