Long, Exhausting Night

Cats, I am told, are like two-year-old children. Last night was one of those long nights with one sick and one demanding kid, then.

My wife is visiting family in California and I am ill-equipped at the moment to deal with extra stress. I believe it is because the start of this school year is reminding me of last year — so I am already anxious.

I did okay last summer because I was focused on the new job and things hadn't yet started to spiral out of control. Then, J.C. Kitty passed away, the house flooded, and my workplace became more complex than I could anticipate. Add to that a string of health issues and my ability to manage alone withered away under stress. A few months into the school year and I needed extra help managing the household.

Last night, about 11 p.m., Mutt was sick. Very sick. He needed a bath, the bed comforter had to be changed… and then he was sick again. Another bath.

At the same time, his brother Alex was demanding food, but finding none of the choices I offered acceptable. I placed five different samples of cat food in bowls and hoped for the best. Instead, Mutt rushed to each the food while I was cleaning the bedroom. So, you can guess what happened.

Misty Kitty went into hiding following Mutt's next major problem. I'll spare the details. The stench was horrific. I had to clean a wall, the carpets, and give Mutt yet another full-body bath. This time, he was bathed in the master bathroom's huge soaking tub. Mutt has a distinctive cry, which ensured the other three cats sought shelter in what we call the "Craft Room" (or "Pumpkin's Room"). Misty went under the sewing table, Alex under the sheets, and PK hid under my writing desk.

Mutt did his best to avoid me, his wet fur making him look even angrier.

The cleaning resumed, followed by Alex having an acid stomach and more cleaning.

By the time I went to bed, it was 5:30 this morning. But, I was up by 8:30 thanks to Alex and Mutt demanding food. Thankfully, Alex decided to eat this morning.

Giving cat baths, cleaning up after them, and dealing with their picky food demands has left me exhausted.

As I write this post, Alex is next to me on the big bed, Mutt is at my feet, and Misty is in a laundry basket. I can hear Pumpkin wandering the house. So, at 1:30 in the afternoon, everything is finally quiet and relaxed.

I'm going to get some writing done while I can.


  1. Oh my goodness. You must be exhausted, what with the cats and your wife being gone. I must say, it sounds like you're holding up pretty well. Won't it be nice to have your wife home!


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