Shameless Self-Promotion

Before I head off to Dallas for the Autism Society of America National Conference, I thought I'd engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion. I have created an "online brochure" for my public speaking:

If you want to learn more about me, there is an essay posted about my formal evaluations for autism.

I have been speaking at conferences, university seminars, and organization events for a decade. Most of my public appearances have addressed language arts education, especially children's literature. Speaking on autism issues came about by accident, when instructors asked me to address their graduate seminars at several universities.

This is more about reaching out to audiences than earning much money. I'm not a "superstar" academic; I'm only one adult with an ASD and a few minor physical disabilities. Whatever I have to say only reflects what I have learned through experience and a handful of research projects.

I also want to encourage people to use The Autistic Place site:

Anyone can blog on the site or use the forums. The newest blog entries appear on the front page, so it's a nice way to promote organizations serving the autism community. I also have the site aggregating major blogs and news about autism research.


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