Collapsing from Exhaustion

I am hoping to take a few days away from my various blogs and other projects to finish the book on autism and relationships. I've had two job interviews this week and the stress of those is getting to me, I fear. Today I was also asked if I might speak to a high school audience in the spring, which would be a wonderful change of pace -- and it is in a region of Minnesota I love. Oh, and an AP Literature class in another state is reading one of my texts for an assignment and I agreed to answer any questions.

There is a point I reach every so often at which I have tried to do too much too quickly. I need to collapse for a day or two and recharge. I'll be okay, but I've pushed myself too hard. Doesn't everyone?

I want to help anyone asking questions. I want to write enough that people enjoy the blogs. I have several website projects I'd like to "finish" this year, finally. I have five screenplays to write, at least two novels I want to finish writing, and two conference presentations to finalize. I want to do more than I do, because I never feel like I've done enough.

My wife doesn't realize she's often talking about unfinished tasks and pending to-do lists, too. We are too eager to please people at work or in school. We want to be the dependable people, even if it means taking on too much. We even take our hobbies too seriously.

So, if I don't post for a few days, it isn't because I'm not writing something. I really do need to allocate my time a bit more carefully so I don't collapse from exhaustion for more than a few hours. I know my body is already having problems because I'm working too many hours.

It is affecting how I deal with my wife, the cats, and life in general.

Be back this weekend, if all goes according to plan, with more excerpts from the eBook: A Spectrum of Relationships.


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