Quick Note: Job Hunt

A very quick note, not a full blog entry. As readers know, I have been pondering three career paths:
  1. Continue freelance writing and consulting. 
  2. Pursue university research posts in communications and/or language arts.
  3. Return to private industry (good pay, benefits).
I have had two university interviews and two corporate interviews this month. I don't do well with phone interviews, but who does? It is great to sense the job market returning, though it is far from normal. I'm hoping the Ph.D. was worth the time and energy — and it might be.

Freelancing is low-paying, but flexible for my physical and neurological days of rest.

University teaching posts have good hours, decent pay, and I don't have to remain focused on autism research if I can make a case for other research projects. I love teaching and the schedule is ideal for writing projects.

Corporate posts pay well and have better benefits than freelancing. Also, there's little controversy involved versus conducting research. The right company might be a good fit. I don't know.

No matter what happens, I'll be sure to announce where I land. None of the options are bad, but they are each different. Until I have a solid offer, these are only interviews. I'm probably over-thinking the situation right now.


  1. :) Cool on the interviews! Good luck.

  2. Fair to say I am nervous. I don't know how I would do in various settings until I "test" them in some way. At home, writing, I can only offend the cats and people online. Other settings are social minefields.

    If I do receive an offer in coming weeks, a lot of discussions will be had with my wife and family.


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