Lovaas and Anti-Gay H8

Did you realize several Lovaas Institute employees fund every anti-gay rights group they can? Some employees still claim homosexuality is a mental health disorder? Lavender Liberal has been doing research on the origins of money to fight gay rights. It turns out, according to NoH8, Lovaas staff (at least four) are using the money they earn from ABA training programs to register websites like this:

Registered to:
{name removed}
Lovaas Institute
6540 Lusk Blvd #C157
San Diego, CA 92121

"Treatment for children diagnosed with autism or a related disorder."

If you know the history of ABA, you know it was created to "cure" feminine boys. Now, as more and more states consider mandating ABA therapy coverage within insurance policies, you know more Lovaas staff and executives will earn money. And that money will be spent on such nice things as promoting discrimination.

But, hey, everyone knows Lovaas' original project to cure homosexuality has nothing to do with ABA and autism. I'm sure there's no connection at all. Just some money donated to a pro-family group. Who doesn't support families?

Maybe it is just some rogue employees. I have no idea, but this raises a lot of questions considering the history of ABA. I'd sure love to know the official Lovaas Institute position on these donations and website registrations.


  1. I dare say you'll probably never get to know the Lovaas Institute's true position on this matter but, given that (as you say) ABA was originally developed to modify the effeminate behaviour of homosexual boys, you can probably bet on them being happy to have their staff to donate to something that looks like being an organisation that may be aiming to stop gay people being afforded the same rights as heterosexual people, with regard to things like marriage.

    I'll comment on behaviour analytic stuff on the other thread when I get chance.

  2. I'm wondering if this is unique to the Lovaas movement in California, where I grew up during the 1970s. Dr. Lovaas is idolized, still, by many SoCal educators and therapists whom he and his wife influenced so deeply. It is a movement, too, which people trained elsewhere and in other traditions might not appreciate.


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