A Review Of PBS's NewsHour Series, Autism Now

I encourage everyone to read this review. You might not agree with the mother posting, but the post echos much of what my own mother has said to me about raising a "challenging" child (me): Being a parent is hard, period.

Click the following link to read the blog posting by K. Wombles.

Countering...: Now That It's Over: A Review Of PBS's NewsHour Series, Autism Now: "The PBS series on autism, Autism Now, has aired all of its segments now. The extended transcripts of interviews are available online, as ..."

[Comments should be posted on the original blog so the author can respond, not to The Autistic Me. I respect the author and believe she should manage this discussion, not me. I did not I watch the PBS series and have no interest in commenting on it.]


  1. Her review is good if you think the spectrum is painted with one color and one brush.

    More later.

  2. I would suggest people should comment to the blog entry linked on that specific site -- I suggest the link, but have no further comment than the recommendation to read that one parent's thoughts.

    This is merely a link suggestion. The discussion is and should be elsewhere, since I am not the author.


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