Trying to Wait Patiently

I apologize for not having posted more frequently this month. This month has been hectic, as it appears the job search took an unexpected (and positive) turn that has resulted in a cascade of disruptions in our daily lives. In a week or two, I should be able to officially confirm my contract and explain my new position.

A new job creates the following disruptions to which most people I know relate:
  • Relief that someone values my research interests and writings;
  • Anxiety of learning a new set of colleagues and their personalities;
  • Fear of not meeting expectations within the organization;
  • Eagerness to learn as much about the new position and its duties as possible;
  • Sadness (limited, however) that we will be leaving a familiar place; and
  • Dread of moving and having to learn a new area — much less a new house!
I worry about everything from locating home repair experts we can trust to finding a great vet for our feline "kids." I've spent hours online researching the university, the faculty, and the new area. I want as much information as possible before relocating. 

My wife has agreed to fly out for any necessary appointments regarding a new house. I'd rather limit my flights to as few as possible this year. I'm already tense enough without the misery of flying five or six times in a single year. Three or four roundtrips is going to be sufficient for me this year. (I'm afraid there will be more, though.)

Moving is going to be miserable simply because it disrupts my order and routine. I have no idea if there is an "easy" way to cope, so I'm trying to reduce other stresses as much as possible. Anyone have great ideas or strategies for moving?

We have decided to pay a moving company for the first time. We've moved into three apartments and this house with family and friends helping us. This time, we're not going to try to do everything. 

I'm a bundle of anxious nervous energy. I'm even losing a little weight. Not at all fun. Yet, I know moving for a new job could be a great thing.

I admire military families, moving every few years. I'd lose my sanity. 


  1. Hi I just started reading your blog and have enjoyed it so far.

    I have moved several times. Cross country a few time and then numerous city moves. I think it's great to get a moving company. Can't tell you how much of a relief it was. If you can afford it go the whole nine yards and have them pack it all too. I almost find in city moves worse just because things aren't all packed away all neat and organized. Also I'd suggest to trim all those things you don't need or just aren't worth the cost of bringing. Hard to do but a much easier move.

    I'm actually in the middle of a move myself so I'm off to pack. Look forward to reading more.


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