Weighty Matters

Many parents ask me about my diet. Just looking at me should answer the question. Diet? Ha! The only "diet" in my life is diet cola. Usually we have Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Pepsi, and Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale on hand. The only reason I stick to diet soda is the quantity I drink.

I love food. My weaknesses are all the standard problem foods: bread, pasta, cheese, and any sweets. Donuts and pastries are difficult to resist. Forget trying to convince me to try a low-carb or veggie diet. Not going to happen. Any "free" isn't my first choice, from "fat free" to "gluten free" to "sugar free" I'm not that interested.

We prepare chicken and fish frequently. Red meat is expensive and I don't really crave it that often. But, I want my seafood or chicken with some fresh bread. At least I like bread plain, especially warm fresh bread.

Like too many adults, I struggle with my weight. My "ideal" weight according to my doctors is around 170 pounds (77 kg). That is anywhere from 25 to 30 pounds less than my current weight range. Even at my best this summer, I was 20 pounds above this seemingly impossible 170. But, I was there only a decade ago, so it is possible.

I am trying to eat less and exercise more. Fewer calories and more activity seems to be the best approach to weight loss for me.

My wife can attest that there is no way you could remove all junk food from my diet. I'd be really grumpy.

And I just finished part of a "peanut butter meltaway" from a local candy shop. Now, for some warm tea (Scarlet o' Peara) from The Tea Source.


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