The Crowded Autism Web

Forgive me, but it is time for some blatant self-promotion. The Autistic Me has had a steady readership for several years, but I'd like to see that readership expand throughout 2012.

On these pages, I try to answer reader questions. I attempt to write about life as I experience it. I also try to address the challenges my traits present to friends, family, and coworkers. I do try to post something new each week, sometimes more frequently. The more questions and feedback, the more I post in response.

Someone mentioned to me that there are so many websites, blogs, portals, et cetera, dedicated to autism that she only found my blog "by accident" while skimming The Autism Hub ( The sheer number of autism blogs, both active and zombies, is astounding.

A search of Blogger found 38,000 autism-related blogs. Some are only loosely autism-focused, while others are far more specific than my own blog. In this crowded space, it is difficult to be noticed without followers. It is one of the truisms of the media: popularity begets popularity. The more follows or fans a website has, the more likely new readers are to find the site.

It is up to readers of this blog to spread the word so yet more people will stumble into The Autistic Me. If you would be so kind, I'd appreciate it if readers might "follow" or "fan" this blog. I'd like to reach 500 followers on Twitter and Facebook by the end of January 2012. There should be a tipping point when the growth in followers accelerates, too.

On Twitter, The Autistic Me has 368 followers.

The Autistic Me has 217 followers on Facebook.

Via Blogger / Goggle, I have 60 followers.
(You're already on the site, but the URL is

Via Networked Blogs, I have a mere 11 followers.

Spread the word and follow along. Again, thank you to all my readers.


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