Autism-vaccine link debunked — too little, too late - L.A. Times

There is substantial blog and Twitter traffic on this issue. Again, not much call for me to comment, as anything I write will be nuanced and not change any minds. Still, this is a good read:

Autism-vaccine link debunked — too little, too late -

It's frustrating for any researcher. I've tried to explain quantitative and qualitative research statistics. I've tried to explain science seldom claims to be "certain" — but the public demands certainty, just like they see on television dramas.

Vaccines are valuable, important, and statistically safer than having unvaccinated children in our communities. Nothing, nothing, nothing in life is 100% safe. Sadly, humans are bad at measuring and understanding risks.


  1. I have a theory of my own on vaccines. I wonder if it's the vaccines that the adults received that is causing problems. Would that be genetic? Vaccine related? A mixture of both?


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