Heading out of the House

It's not much of secret that while I like to get out of the house (and the city), I don't head for large gatherings of people or loud places. I also don't like driving through downtown where we live. The freeways and their signage were designed to cause accidents, it seems. Maybe the auto-body repair industry donates to local politicians.

But, tonight we are heading through downtown and out to a concert at a local club. It's going to be sensory overload and lots of stress.

It has been years since we were anywhere with live music. Actually, about eight years. Live music is fairly common at some bars and restaurants in our hometown. Some of the music was pretty good, too. But these were not jam-packed clubs with national acts.

I need out of the house, so we'll see how this goes.

The club / restaurant is in a new shopping center, so nothing will be familiar. The menu will be new, since we have never eaten at the restaurant. There are many potential problems with this adventure.

Still, it's a change of pace. I'll reflect on the experience this weekend.


  1. I look forward to hearing what happened! I for one am jealous!


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