eBook on Autism and Relationships

I should have a draft of A Spectrum of Relationships (working title) available to readers of this blog within three weeks. I've set a deadline for myself of February 21 for the draft so it can be edited and revised before I present on the topic at a conference.

When I consider it, I'm probably the least likely person to write about relationships for any audience. I was not and am not a social person. But, I understand my strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of "autistic" traits. Hopefully, my words will help parents and other mentors help teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorders navigate the complexities of relationships.

Relationships are difficult for most people. They can be incredibly difficult for people with ASDs.

Spread the word. When the eBook is posted, it will be freely available in both ePub and Kindle/Mobi formats. It won't be a perfect draft; I will update the text as often as necessary to refine it.

If I can get a version posted sooner than February 21, I will do so.

The blog is likely to have fewer updates this month because of the writing project. Meanwhile, if you have questions I should address in the eBook, ask them here and I'll do my best to incorporate the answers into A Spectrum of Relationships.

If the eBook proves popular, I'll try to craft several more on subjects related to life with autism.


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