The Truth Won't Matter

I don't think I need to write much. Read the full story at USA Today and I'm sure dozens of other news organizations will have more in-depth coverage.

From USA Today:
Report linking vaccine to autism 'an elaborate fraud'
By Liz Szabo, USA TODAY
January 5, 2011

An infamous 1998 study that ignited a worldwide scare over vaccines and autism — and led millions of parents to delay or decline potentiatly lifesaving shots for their children — was "an elaborate fraud," according to a scathing three-part investigation in the British medical journal BMJ.
Bad science would be enough, but fraud? The article continues:
Now, the BMJ reports that Wakefield, who was paid more than $675,000 by a lawyer hoping to sue vaccine makers, was not just unethical — he falsified data in the study, which suggested that children developed autism after getting a shot against measles, mumps and rubella.

In fact, the children's medical records show that some clearly had symptoms of developmental problems long before getting their shots, BMJ says. Several had no autism diagnosis at all. Wakefield could not be reached by USA TODAY.


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