The "Aspie" Nature of Anxious Cats

There is a book entitled All Cats Have Aspergers Syndrome. I definitely know our cats have not dealt well with the disruptions associated with moving. One of our cats, Pumpkin Kitty, is so anxious that he's on Prozac for kitties. He struggles even in familiar settings, but moving has been a nightmare for our little boy.

He's been hiding in dark spaces, from the tubs to behind doors. He loves to hide in the closets of the new house, too. He does not want to wander the hallways and discover new places, like the other cats are doing. He wants things the way they were.

Actually, I think he'd be happier all the way back in California, though he wasn't at ease there, either. Something about each move seems a bit harder on the poor guy. This move is it, though. We're going to try to stay in this new location for the rest of our kids' lives and up to our retirements. I'm in no rush to move again, either.

We have had cats that only ate one brand of food. We've had people cats, and we've had cats with no desire to meet strangers. We've had adventurous cats, and we've had skittish cats. We've had cats who preferred one or the other of us, at least when given the choice. Cats are loyal, on their terms. Pumpkin is my wife's little boy. He misses her a lot, and I'm sure he'll feel better once she arrives later this week.

Cats like routines. They seem to like order, too. Change? They don't like change at all.

At least our kids are all together, in their new home. It will take some time, but I'm sure they will adapt. Probably sooner than I will.

Update: PK started ramming into walls and windows at full-speed, trying to break free from his new home. To him, this isn't home. It isn't where "Mom" is (yet) and it can't be where he belongs. I'm feeling very sorry for the little guy.

I tried to check on him. I ended up bleeding. It's too bad I can't speak cat.


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