Spectrum of Relationships now in Kindle Store

Today, A Spectrum of Relationships appeared in the Kindle Store on Amazon. The text is $2.99 and is only available in digital format. We have uploaded the ePub edition to another eReader store. It should be available by July 8 for $2.99 via the  Nook store. I'll be certain to post that link, too.

Product Description
A Spectrum of Relationships explores the social connections teens and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) form with other people in their lives. The author, C. S. Wyatt, reflects on his own experiences as a diagnosed high-functioning autistic individual navigating the complex and sometimes frustrating social situations of daily life. From early classroom experiences to dating and marriage, this book discusses relationships with family, friends, classmates, coworkers, and lovers.

Children with autism spectrum disorders grow up to be adults with ASDs. Many, if not most, will have the same urges, impulses, and desires as the rest of the adult population. Autistic adults want to work. They want to pursue college degrees. And, though their parents and caregivers might not want to ponder this, the teen or adult with an ASD will experiment and eventually engage in romantic physical contact with another person. Some will get married as adults and have children of their own.

Autistic students and adults often feel invisible at school, work, or among their peers. These autistic individuals are intelligent and some have taught themselves enough social skills to succeed academically. Unfortunately, few have mastered the social skills that become essential to personal and professional success in adulthood. A Spectrum of Relationships offers some ideas and encouragement to those discovering the essential nature of social connections to personal fulfillment.


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