Bad Memories, Strong Emotions

Working on my autobiographical book this weekend, I reread emails and notes from my four years as a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota. It was a horrible time and the challenge of writing about those experiences might be too much for me to tackle on some days. Sometimes events and people manage to leave deep scars.

I loathe the University of Minnesota. Despise isn't a strong enough word.

My department closed after we moved here. I was mocked by peers. I was bullied by faculty. If it were not for the efforts of a handful of individuals, I would not have graduated. Yes, there were good people within a lousy setting. It amazes me that some people can fight the system year after year and not surrender.

I will write the text, though it will be emotionally draining to relive those years. They are recent, and they haunt me some nights.

More text on my 2006 evaluation is coming this week. By the end of August, I might also post on the 2008 assessment nightmare. Yes, I had assessments while at the University of Minnesota. The story of the second is almost too absurd to be believable.

And yet, I guess I'm one of the people unwilling to surrender. For that, I thank my wife, P.W. in the Office of Diversity at "the U," and Lisa K. Without those three women supporting my efforts, I would have failed.


  1. Thank you for being so very brave and opening those wounds so those who come after you will not suffer so greatly. It is not believed that my son will ever see a university education, but I want to know everything adults on the spectrum have overcome and tell him, even in pictures of you all. You will all be his heros.


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