On the Road

I haven't been able to blog this week and might not have much time until next week. I'm on the road, with my wife "holding down the fort" (and the cats) while I'm away. I'll only be home with her for less than 24 hours and then I'm on the road again.

I'm exhausted and that's never a good thing. Last night I hit my breaking point. Thankfully, I left the conference hotel three hours before my flight so I could sit here in the airport and relax. Yes, the airport with all its sounds, smells, and vibrations is a better place than the hotel was. Here, I can sit and decompress before the flight.

Last night was one of those nights when I was "so over" people, as a friend says. I just wanted to sit in the hotel room and watch "In Plain Sight" and "White Collar." People can be very annoying, especially when they've had drinks.

After putting up with the mean-spirited nonsense of someone important for long enough, I quickly departed the hotel restaurant for my room. I get sick and tired to how mean and intolerant people can be. They justify this by calling anyone with whom they disagree evil, dangerous, ignorant, etc. I get sick of it.

If you don't agree with the views of the majority of people at a conference, don't be there. I wouldn't attend some conferences because they don't represent what I consider to be sound science, public service, or positive advocacy. But if someone else wants to attend a conference, that's fine. Don't go to a group with whom you disagree if you know you'll be secretly (or not so secretly) seething with anger. What's the point?

Anyway, I'm glad to be getting on the road (in the air) and can't wait to have some time alone with the cats. I need that.


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