Home Alone

My wife is out of town tonight, leaving me alone in the house with the "kids." While I like to be alone at times, I dislike it when I'm not with my wife. I know that we sometimes have to travel for work or family, but I don't like it at all.

Our cats are senior citizens. I have to check their medications, make sure they are doing well, and entertain them. That helps, since I have a routine to follow. My wife prepared a checklist, just in case, for the next two days.

What time alone does is remind me that I don't want to live apart for months at a time. That was something we considered — me taking a job and living in an apartment until things were settled with our current house. That's not a realistic option. I'd have to be flying back and forth or something, which is expensive. Phone calls and webcams are not the same as holding the cats or being near my wife.

I had a donut (apple fritter) for breakfast and a small yogurt for "dinner" tonight. I don't feel like eating tonight. When I travel, I usually eat something and wander to see the sights. For some reason, I'm more anxious with my wife flying and traveling elsewhere.

The kids and I cannot wait for her return tomorrow night.


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