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Quick Observation on Blogging

Me: Why are people so personally rude via e-mail and blog comments? I'm deleting more mail and posts than ever lately. 

Friend: What are your blog topics?

Me: I maintain websites on economic theory, political rhetoric, technology, autism, creative writing, and philosophy. 

Friend: You do realize only creative writing and technology aren't likely to trigger hate mail.

Me: It seems Linux is a religion. 

Friend: Says the person with an Apple sticker on every vehicle. 

Sometimes, it is easy to forget a personal zealotry. I am having a strong reaction to the fact my future employer is an all-Windows campus. Yes, I use Windows sometimes — but I just uninstalled Boot Camp from my Mac and removed the last Windows software. 

Turns out, I am a fanatic, too. 


  1. LOL. I love this one.

    And you're only a fanatic about something if you do not have a logical reason to support your preferences. I'd say that most computer users have ample reason to prefer Mac (works) to Windows (crashes).

  2. The original post that resulted in deleting comments is over at Poet Ponders. I can't believe how a simple post results in absurd reactions.

    Like most people, the friend assumed the passionate topics didn't include tech and writing. I bet S.W-W would have a view on Twitter! (He's a Mac owner, too, isn't he?)

    Yes, how dare I forget Linux! Free software is the future! (Sure it is. Just try to replace InDesign by using Scribus or Photoshop with GIMP.) I did edit the post to add in Linux, though. It has a place in the universe.

    I'd rather focus on my work than the underlying technology. I'm too easily distracted. I get sidetracked as it is when I start to explore features in the middle of a project. Look at this new script to automate cutouts! A new watermark script! When is the project due? Ooops.

  3. As a frequenter of tech sites myself, I can tell you they are far more vicious than autism blogs. Tech folks are extremely rude and posting rude comments and trolling is a sport there. The autism community has nothing on the tech community when it comes to supporting their entrenched zealotry for their chosen OS. Linux users though aren't the worst from my experience. Android users are by far the worst.

  4. The university is migrating to MS SharePoint and is in the process of becoming a "Windows Only" campus. Since I am provided with the hardware and software, I don't have much reason to complain. It isn't as if I cannot use my MacBook Pro at home anymore. The university is a workplace. If I worked in any other office, I'd be expected to use whatever hardware and software the company owned.

    Linux users seem the most offended. The blunt reality: not everything runs on Linux or even OS X. Some things really are platform specific. There are great "Apple-Only" tools like Final Cut Pro. There are tools exclusive to Windows. I can't think of anything exclusive to Linux.

    Not saying that's good or bad. It simply is.


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