Weighted Blanket Giveaway Plans

Tomorrow, May 3, we will select the winner of a weighted blanket from:

DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets

P O Box 252 * Stevensville * Montana * 59870
Website: www.weightedblanket.net
email: dreamcatcher@weightedblanket.net

We will select the winner using the following method, to ensure fairness:

1) At the close of the markets, we will use the "basis points" of the DOW (the tenth and hundredth decimal values). For example, if the DOW is 12820.44, we will start with "44" as our seed value.

2) If the seed (dividend) is less than the total entrants, we will simply use that number +1 as the winner.

3) If the seed is greater than the number of entrants, we will divide the seed (dividend) by the number of entrants (divisor) and add one to the remainder (because a whole quotient result has no remainder).

Yes, this is seemingly complex, but it is reasonably fair. Everyone can see the DOW and count through the list of entrants. I'll be sure to post the math and the winner tomorrow night.

Be sure you read about these blankets:

Good luck to everyone entered.


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